The wood processing chain of TRAPA

100% in-house production in the Austrian TRAPA workshop

100% made in Austria - From the drying of the lumber to the heat pressure treatment and the pressing of the individual layers to the surface finishing of the parquet floors with natural oil or soap: all processing steps take place in our TRAPA-owned workshops in St. Veit and Traunkirchen.

Trapa - Trocknung an der frischen Luft - Freilager

Drying in fresh air

Whether natural wood floors or solid wood furniture: High quality and durability can only be achieved with first-class raw material. That is why the wood for our TRAPA floors first dries in the fresh air for a year after being cut to reduce internal stresses, quality takes time.



Trapa - milde Kammertrocknung

Mild chamber drying

After air-drying, the wood for our parquet floors is chamber-dried with the help of heat and air to an equalizing moisture content of 7 % - optimal for further processing. Here, too, we at TRAPA give the wood the time it needs: the final drying is slow and gentle.



Trapa - WärmedruckbehandlungHeat pressure treatment

After the tensions inside the wood have dissipated, it is treated with steam in a tubular kiln at 120 °C and a negative pressure of 18 bar: During this process, the sugar in the wood (xylose) caramelizes, and depending on the duration of the heat pressure treatment, different natural shades are created in the wood. This creates unique colors for our TRAPA floors.


The further processing steps to TRAPA natural wood flooring: 
Trapa - Sägen von Deck- und Rücklagen Trapa - Sortierung der Decklagen Trapa - Fertigung der Mittellage auch österreichischer Gebirgsfichte
Sawing of cover and back layers in
tension-free dry cut
Final sorting of the top layers:
The human eye decides
Making the middle layer from mountain spruce
with standing annual rings
Trapa - Zusammenfügen von Deck-, Rück- und Mittellage Trapa - Verpressen der spannungsfreien Schichten Trapa - Auskratzen von losen Fasern
Joining of the top, middle and back layers of
TRAPA floors
Grouting of the three stress-free solid wood layers Scraping out loose fibers before kittening
Trapa - Auffüllen der Äste und Risse   Trapa - Veredeln der Trapa Naturholzböden mit Naturöl
Filling knots and cracks
(especially with rustic assortments)
  Finishing TRAPA natural wood floors with
natural oil


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