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100 % made in Austria

Those who work with wood must think in long-term cycles and beyond generations, a strong contrast to our fast-moving times. But for us, this is precisely the strength of wood as a natural building material. We at TRAPA have made it our task to make the outstanding properties of the best natural builing material in the world a sensual experience for people in their homes.

Our innovations at a glance

Strong pieces - Vital floor architecture

Modern colours with a unique texture in a new rhythm, light-stabilized and slip-resistant. Available as vital rhythm plank in a symmetrical mixed width of 140/190 mm or Spigolo herringbone in two widths and lengths.

our vital floor architecture

TRAPA Overall concept

All fits together

Wooden symbiosis. In nature, “symbiosis“ refers to the coexistence of two different species for mutual benefit. It‘s somewhat similar with TRAPA products:
Here, natural wood floors and furniture coordinated in look and feel coexist in symbiosis. Through the presence of the other, each experiences enhancement, comes into its own more effectively and gains additional character.

Material harmony: natural wood floors, walls, frame furniture and tables.

The new TRAPA wall solutions

Flexible as life. Give your fancy free scope, because our flexible wall solutions for painting and spatula technique or made of natural wood grow with your demands and preferences from one day to the next.

Treasured things often get framed. Our frame furniture provides the suitable framework for your treasures. The frame furniture pieces can be flexibly placed in the rails. So everything can change according to your wishes with just one flick of the wrist.

our flexible wall system our frame furniture

The table is the centre of the home

It‘s the meeting point for family and friends, conveys a sense of belonging and community, brings us together and has always been a place of encounter, exchange and comfort.

Every piece of furniture from the TRAPA workshop is special and unique. Through dailyy use they become ever more beautiful and independent. TRAPA furniture pieces have the consistent and uncompromising quality to accompany us for a lifetime and finally be handed over to future generations.

our solid wood tables

We are on Christmas holiday from 22.12.2023 - 07.01.2024.

Orders will be delivered again after 10.01.2024.


Windows & doors from Josko and TRAPA natural wood floors in perfect harmony. Two companies - one philosophy:


more information

Everything made from sweet chestnut

Due to its durable wood, sweet chestnut was already valued by the Romans and Venetians. Until the end of the 19th century, chestnuts, the tree's fruit, served as the main food source for the rural population in mountainous regions of Southern…

Inspiration Cabana

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The wood processing chain of TRAPA

100% made in Austria - From the drying of the lumber to the heat pressure treatment and the pressing of the individual layers to the surface finishing of the parquet floors with natural oil or soap: all processing steps take place in our TRAPA-owned…

Large format herringbone floors

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Black Box Consulting

The floor is the basis The floor is one of the most important elements of interior design: on it is based the overall work of art of furnishing and decoration. Depending on wood type, color, surface texture and laying form (estate floor, ship…

20 years TRAPA

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In the forest - where it all begins

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Sessile oak - Noble colors from wood's own ingredients

The best wood for wine barrels, cutting boards ... and natural wood floors!  For the exceptional TRAPA soils of terra and moss oak, only the high quality wood of the sessile oak from the French Alsace is used. What makes this particular type…

The new showroom

This new platform presents on 1,200 m² in Austria probably unique way more than 900 exclusive wooden floors, as well as perfectly matching wall solutions and furniture. Here in this extension of the TRAPA world, our sales partners can get to…

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