The new showroom

The new TRAPA-showroom

This new platform presents on 1,200 m² in Austria probably unique way more than 900 exclusive wooden floors, as well as perfectly matching wall solutions and furniture. Here in this extension of the TRAPA world, our sales partners can get to know new products and technical innovations all year round - depending on the respective theme of the "New Fair". More than 900 wood flooring variants, special features, advantages and the practical handling of these novelties are communicated at first hand.

The "New Fair" and the light
Light significantly affects the mood and perception of people. Therefore, room lighting places high demands on interior design. Used correctly and in a well-dosed manner, light makes a decisive contribution to the success of an interior design concept. To support professional lighting design, we install the fourth rail of our new furniture walls as a current-carrying lighting rail. Twelve different luminaires can be attached to this rail by means of magnets and emit either wide-area or focused light, as desired.

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