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Strong pieces - Vital floor architecture

Modern colours

which let everything on these floors shine brightly and match all surrounding colours.

with a unique texture

wether herringbone or planks, all vital floors are equipped with a special element accentuation in addition to the natural surface texture.

in a new rhythm

The TRAPA plank flooring in two different widths of 140 and 190 mm, laid in a regular rhythm, brings a special architecture to the floor. The element accentuation on the long side and the bevel-free end face create the appearance of room-length planks in a symmetrical mixed width.


Even with large glass surfaces and strong sunlight, bleaching and yellowing of the floors is no longer possible.

and slip-resistant

TRAPA natural wood floors have been awarded the GS3 certificate (equal to R12), which is especially useful for TRAPA staircase solutions.

Vital Rhythm 140/190 mm

Symmetrical mixed widths

Vital Spigolo herringbone


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