Timber harvest

Ecologically sustainable, economically sensible - Sustainable means: No more wood may be harvested than will grow back.

Forestry education and training in Austria is among the best in the world. The range of training and continuing education courses extends from forest warden training to continuing education courses for forest owners, because: Every forest must be expertly nurtured, cared for and managed.
Studies have shown that a well-managed, well-kept forest that is constantly replanted stores more carbon in the long term than a "virgin forest" left to its own devices.

The proper care and use of forests should maintain their biodiversity, productivity and regenerative capacity in the long term, so that the forest can continue to fulfill its functions over the long term. This idea of sustainability is also reflected in the fact that today people prefer to talk about "timber harvesting". And just as after every harvest in a field, seed is sown again in the forest, i.e. young trees are planted again for every "removal".

PEFC: Wood from sustainable forestry

At TRAPA Böden we attach great importance to the careful and responsible treatment of people and the environment. Therefore, the wood for our natural wood floors comes from PEFC-certified, European forestry. We as a company TRAPA are also certified.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is a globally active institution for ensuring sustainable forest management. The PEFC certificate is based on the strict criteria of the European forest ministers for the protection of forests.

Wood and wood products with the PEFC seal, such as our TRAPA parquet, demonstrably come from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry - guaranteed not from questionable origins.