The charm of bog-look oak

Processing chain of a bog-look oak floor

Mooreiche - Eichenholz aus Mooren oder SümpfenBog look oak is oak wood that has remained hidden in bogs or marshes for thousands of years, sealed from the air, undergoing a physical-chemical transformation process. We mimic this natural aging process in fast motion with our Bog Oak*: Best French sessile oak is treated with heat and pressure. Depending on how long these forces act on the wood, variously pronounced shades between golden and coffee brown are created. In addition, the oak wood becomes even more resistant, durable and long-lasting than it already is by nature.

100% in-house production in the Austrian TRAPA workshops

From the drying of the lumber to the heat pressure treatment and the gluing of the individual layers to the surface finishing of the finished floor with natural oil: All processing steps of Moohreiche floors take place in our own factories - in St. Veit an der Glan in Carinthia or in Traunkirchen in Upper Austria.

Trapa - Holz - französische Traubeneiche aus dem Elsass - Trocknung Trapa - milde Kammertrocknung
For our bog look oak floors we process first-class French sessile oak from Alsace. To reduce internal stresses, the wood dries in the fresh air for one year after being cut at TRAPA. After air-drying, the grape oak - also used for high-quality wine barrels - is gently chamber-dried to the balancing moisture of 7% with the help of heat and air.
Trapa - Wärmedruckbehandlung - Holzzucker - Xylose - Moohreiche
After removing the internal wood stresses, we treat the sessile oak with steam in a tubular oven at 120°C and a vacuum of 18 bars: the sugar in the wood (xylose) caramelizes and the typical shade of the bog look oak is created.
Trapa - Verarbeitung Moohreiche Trapa - Farbenvielfalt Sortiment
Only after the thorough drying process, which lasts about a year, and the subsequent gentle heat pressure treatment, we process the sessile oak into mossy oak. You can find our entire range of colors including assortments on our homepage under colours.