Table Voltaire

Solid yet floating | design by STELARBLOOM

Simple and defined shape, solid construction, delicate appearance: Voltaire. Through indirectly lit connections between the parts, the massive table top made of natural wood appears to be floating above the two base frames, creating a light and airy impression.


TRAPA OT TableOT Table

As if made from a single casting.

Architecture in the shape of furniture - this table impresses by a confession to clarity and reserved elegance. Subtle and solid details complement each other in felicitous harmony. Tabletop and legs form a unit and appear timeless and contemporary at once. Adeqaute for every company this table also provides as desk and meeting table the appropriate framework for affairs of great moment.

TRAPA WT TableWT Table & WB Bench

Dignified, stable and plain.

This table's design is inspired by the traditional dinner table of monastic dinning halls. The dyadic, solid-wood tabletop is metal-freely linked to the table's gable base by a skilfully crafted wood joint. The bottom of the tabletop culminates in conically tapering sides.

TRAPA MT TableMT Table

Precision and harmony.

The solid-wood tabletop rests on a svelte but stable frame of solid-metal. Table legs in the form of metal strips are precisely embedded in the tabletop's sides, creating an elegantly restrained design. Wood and metal blend in an exciting and equally harmonious contrast.

TRAPA LT TableLT Table & LB Benc

Tradition reinterpreted.

Following historic models, this table features refined timber joint details. The solid-wood tabletop rests on a stable wooden frame. Lathed axles constructively connect the gently flared table legs with wooden wedges contrasting in colour.