Special features of TRAPA natural wood floors


Natural living atmosphere

A warm and comfortable aura, lively and in harmony with nature - a blessing for the senses.

Building biologically healthy

Free of lacquers and harmful substances and treated purely naturally, so that the wood can "breathe" and has a moisture-regulating effect on the indoor air - for a sustainably healthy living climate.


A regional quality product from sustainably managed forests.

Made for generations

Durable, hardwearing, non-slip and timeless - an investment for life.

Climate-resistant & distortion-free

Ideal for underfloor heating and controlled ventilation.

Pleasantly easy to clean

Vacuuming and occasional damp mopping with wood floor soap is sufficient - the soap's natural coconut and
soy fats act like a mild care product.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Insensitive to dirt and hygienic due to natural, in-depth treatment, free of electrostatic charge and easy to clean.

Harmonious transitions

Staircases made of the same wood as the floor; flush cover panels, plinths, friezes and connections to other floor materials and wall claddings - for elegant, harmonious transitions.