Soaped natural wood floors

Further development of a traditional method

Soaping is the most natural and oldest way of treating and maintaining wooden floors. Soaped floors are something for true purists: they provide an experience very close to that of raw wood, thus offering a sensual, direct access to this natural material. Soaped wood surfaces differ from oiled wood surfaces in that they acquire a "patina" right from the start and thus radiate the charm of beautiful, natural floors.

The floors are treated three times at our factory with a specially developed pH-neutral soap, consisting mainly of soy and coconut fats. This method of soaping makes wooden floors extremely resistant and easy to maintain. As with oiled floors, all the good properties of the wood are preserved.

Soaped floors are not only the preferred choice for those who are looking for a particular proximity to the natural material wood. They are also suitable for hotels, boutiques and business premises, who wish to radiate naturalness, high quality and authenticity.